3 real-life situations where you will be thankful to have a VPN!

Jul 21, 2016360TS
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3 real-life situations where you will be thankful to have a VPN!

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a multipurpose tool that should be packed into your backpack for your digital journey. It offers many benefits, allowing you to access restricted contents, keep snoopers away from your data, and get the best deals while shopping online.

Say goodbye to the ‘Not available in your country’ message

Speaking of online video, what jumps to your mind first? Well, YouTube probably is the answer for most Internet users. As the largest source of online videos, YouTube attracts millions of viewers all over the planet. However, due to copyright regulations, some contents are only available to people in specific countries. In some cases, even the whole site is blocked by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) on account of government censorship.

If you live in one of those countries, a VPN service is a good solution to bypass the ‘this video is not available in your country’ error message or to skip the country restrictions. By replacing your IP with the VPN server’s IP, video streaming providers cannot tell where you are connecting from. Now you can watch a US-limited video even if you are in Australia.

Free wifi in a cafe may be a threat in disguise. Be careful!

You enter a cafe, open your laptop, and search for a free wifi. You try to connect to “Cafe wifi” which is free and requires no password. Then you spend the following three hours chatting with your friends, dealing with job stuff, and checking some online stores. What a lovely afternoon! But what you don’t know is, your chat history, work materials and even your credit card information may have been stolen by hackers.

A VPN helps pull you off this situation. A VPN builds a security tunnel, within which all information transmitted is well-encrypted. Therefore, attackers cannot steal your online credentials or eavesdrop the secrets between you and friends.

Make sure you get the best bargains when booking online!

Traveling is always relaxing and joyful. Thanks to the Internet, finding the best offer and booking a hotel online is more convenient than ever. But are you sure the fare you are paying is really the cheapest? Some hotel or flight booking sites may show different prices for the same service based on the location of your IP.

With a VPN, you can switch the location of your IP. Even if you are booking across the ocean for your Italy trip, you can still appear as if you were just in Rome. No need to pay for any extra charge. Use a VPN to find the best deals before embarking to your journey!

Real-life situations when you should have a VPN

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