360 Connect – Assist Your Friends & Family Anytime, Anywhere

Dec 29, 2015360TS
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Son, why couldn’t I copy the photos we took in the last family gathering to the computer?  Why is the computer so slow?  Is the computer infected with virus? Can you fix them soon?

Do you often help your friends and family with their computer, yet the most challenging part of helping others, is overcoming the travel and get to their computer?

360 Connect, is designed to address that by providing assistance remotely. Now everyone with 360 Total Security installed can receive assistance from the 360 Connect app.

360 Connect

On the 360 Connect app, you are able to perform the following actions: Speed Up, Virus Scan, and Clean Up.

Perform features on Connect

Browse the status of those you care at a single glance. You can provide assistance up to 5 computers.

Browse status of paired PC  Provide assistance from 360 Connect

Receive notifications on the following events.

Receive notifications on 360 Connect

And finally, don’t forget to send them your regards.

Send regards from 360 Connect app

Learn more about <How to Set Up 360 Connect?>

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