360 Ransomware Tool Decrypts Rising WannaCry Copycat

Apr 3, 2018360TS
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Last year, the notorious WannaCry ransomware affected over 150 countries and caused huge loss among numerous organizations, companies and personal computers. Recently, a delicate counterfeit named Bansomqare Wanna has emerged with a similar appearance to WannaCry.

This copycat mimics a popular IM software, WhatsApp, to lure victims into installing it. After infection, a similar popup to WannaCry’s comes up and frightens the victims.

Though it looks like WannaCry, its encryption algorithm can be cracked. 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool has been the first security vendor to support the decryption. Those who were affected can download our tool to save their documents.

The Lord of Ransomware

As WannaCry hit almost every country on earth, it has become a legend in the history of malware. According to a survey, at least 300 thousands victims were infected, causing 8 billion dollars of financial loss. Various industries were affected, including finance, energy and even the medical field.

Knowing that the scales are huge and returns are tremendous, the pupil malware writers are trying to replicate the “successful” story of WannaCry to make a fortune.

A Good Looking but Mediocre Copycat

With limited technology advantage, this counterfeit featured its perfect visual design. It camouflaged itself in a fake WhatApp installer and distributed itself via download websites.

After running the installer, all the common documents will be encrypted and a popup with a ransom note will show, asking for 100 US dollar worth of Bitcoin. The appearance and text on the popup are highly similar to WannaCry’s, making naive victims believe it’s WannaCry.

But with cautious observation, users will notice that all the encrypted files are appended with “.bitcoin” suffix instead of WannaCry’s “.WNCRY”.

Get 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool to Save Your Files

After the in-depth analysis, experts of 360 Security Center found that the decryption key is embedded within the application, making the decryption possible without paying the ransom.

360 ransomware decryption tool has integrated the solution in the first place to help victims save their files.

Download 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool or share it with friends in need.

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