360 Total Security is Windows 10 Ready

Jul 24, 2015360TS
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360 Total Security & Windows 10 - Better Together

Microsoft launches its brand new operating system Windows 10 on July 29th. You may be looking forward to seeing innovative features and playing with them. When you go ahead with the upgrade, do not forget a security software is equally important for your new OS. To keep your lately-upgraded OS secured, 360 Total Security has prepared a Windows 10 ready version to protect your PC.

Ever since Microsoft published its testing builds last year, 360 Total Security has been developing corresponding Preview versions for our users. Starting on October 7th 2014, we have released a total of 6 compatible builds for different Windows 10 Previews. The new version of 360 Total Security is fully-integrated with Windows 10, and it is already available before Microsoft rolls out its final Windows 10 by the end of July.

To welcome the upcoming Windows 10, 360 Total Security has included a new theme for our users. Once downloaded the new version of 360 Total Security, you can customize it with the new design and enjoy a flat style that matches your Windows 10.

360 Total Security is ready for Windows 10. Keep your upgraded operating system safe and fast as new from the very first minute.

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