Asian first crown! 360 won Microsoft MSRC world’s most valuable security elite list!

Aug 13, 2019kate
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USA Time August 3-8,2019, the annual “BLACK HAT USA 2019” was grandly opened in Las Vegas, and the global security community gathered together in this city. BlackHat is the most famous hacker festival in the world. Microsoft has released the 2019 MSRC Global Most Valuable Security Elite list and unveiled the “Global White Hat Hack Oscar” -the Pwnie Awards.

The 360 company, the Chinese Internet security giant known as the strongest white hat army in the Eastern Hemisphere, won the first place in Asia and ranked first in the world! Yuki chen and Qixun zhao from the 360 Vulcan Team took the top two and led the world. This is the first time that the Chinese have won the battle! 360 company have a total of 10 glory, 7 of them are in the top 50 of the list this time, regardless of the number of people selected and the overall ranking, 360 ranked first in the world, becoming the “top number winner” of 2019 BlackHat.

In The Pwnie Awards “Global White Hat Hacking Oscar” Awards Ceremony, 360 Vulcan Team recruited the Pwnie Awards “Best Equity Bombing Award” to break the record of no Chinese winners for 12 consecutive years, Became the first winner of The Pwnie Awards in Chinese history!

(360 Security Elite wins China’s first The Pwnie Awards Award)

360 Company wins Microsoft’s Top list,  China’s security forces boil the world

Looking back at 2018 Microsoft’s MSRC Global Most Valuable Security Elites list, 360 companies have won the top 100 seats. After a lapse of one year, 360 company once again won the list of top seats, and ushered in the explosion of “full firepower”:

First of all, 360 company have a total of 10 glory to join the list  this year, the number of people entering the list is the world’s first, 7 of them rushed into the top 50 of the list, leading the world with a ride. What is even more exciting is that 360 Vulcan Team (YUKI CHEN) has won the top of the list of Microsoft Elite, which not only means that China has successfully established world security for the first time, but also won the first place in history in Asia. The global security landscape has been refreshed! And Qixun Zhao , also from 360 Vulcan Team followed suit,  ranks the second place in the world. At this point, 360 security elites joined forces to win the championship and the throne! Throughout the list, regardless of the number of people selected and the overall ranking, 360 once again ranked first in the world, and this is not only another peak of 360 group slaughter in 2018, but also let the world once again witness the boiling of China’s security forces!

(Microsoft released 2019 MSRC Global Most Valuable Security Elites)

Leading the times can create the era. Since 2019, only half a year 360 company has 247 Vulnerabilities Acknowledgments and  become the only three-digit security vendors in the world.  the total number of vulnerabilities submitted is far more than the sum of the total number of other security vendors. At this year’s Blackhat conference, 360 regained its glory and won the Microsoft “Best Vulnerability Contribution” award. In the context of the era of big security cyber warfare, the high-risk vulnerability mining is like the “sweeping war” of the network battlefield. The prestigious 360 has always defended the “burrowing” strength that leads the world and provides a solid fortress in the era of cyber warfare.

360 won the best privilege vulnerability award

China’s first prize shocked the world

It is worth mentioning that except sweeping Microsoft MSRC’s world’s most valuable security elite list and the “Best Vulnerability Contribution” heavyweight security award, 360 Vulcan Team security elite Qixun Zhao won the first prize of China’s The Pwnie Awards-“Pwnie For Best Privilege Escalation Bug”. It should be noted that the The Pwnie Awards, which was founded in 2007, has been hailed as “the global white hat hacker Oscar”, and the 360 security star Qixun Zhao broke the record of only nominated and no Chinese winners for 12 consecutive years, not only won the first “Oscar of the Year” for China’s security industry, but also wrote a brand new king legend for the Oriental White Hat!

(The Pwnie Awards logo, golden pony)

As the representative of the new strength of the 360 Vulcan Team, Qixun Zhao successfully defeated multiple targets of Edge/Chrome/Safari in the 2018 Tianfu Cup, and perfected the remote escape of iPhone X. It is the winner of the biggest prize of 200,000 US dollars. The research results have had a profound impact on the world, and they have won many honors.With the iOS kernel use-after-free vulnerability affecting ipc_voucher, Qixun Zhao won the Pwnie Awards which is undoubtedly the highest award in the security industry.

(The Pwnie Awards “Best Equity Vulnerability Award” Candidate Nomination)

With the full popularity of the network and technological innovation, network security has risen to a new level. As the number one security company in China and one of the top in the world, 360 Company and its “White Hat Army” relying on the success of NetEase has become the MSRC Global Most Valuable Security Elite List and the “regular customers” , Which makes BlackHat and security practitioners around the world seeing the strong rise of security forces in China and even in Asia.

Under the ever-evolving environment of cyberattacks between United States and Iraq, United States and Russia, people have clearly seen the rudiment of future cyber warfare. The “vulnerability” is a breakthrough that can easily launch an offensive in the era of cyber warfare. It is not only related to the personal interests of individuals and enterprises, but also more likely to involve the safety and survival of a country. 360 security team can show its prominence at the international security conference with its strong strength. It can also output a strong security guarding force in the era of cyber warfare that has already begun to play a rock-solid role.

In the future, Where 360 will expand the security boundary to, and what kind of security epic will write, We will see what happens!

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