Anti-Ransomware: CrySiS Decryptor available now

Dec 27, 2016360TS
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Anti-Ransomware: CrySis Decryptor

Good News! CrySiS Decryptor has been added to our ransomware decryption tool in an effort to fight ransomware.

What is CrySiS?

Crysis is a Filecoder-type ransomware (Read more about ransomware) which encrypts your files and requests a ransom up to $1,200, if you want to get your files back. CrySiS uses long keys for encryption with RSA and AES encryption (RSA is a public-key encryption algorithm, while AES is a symmetric key algorithm) to make it almost impossible to recover the encrypted files by yourself. This dangerous malware has been widely spreading over 123 countries, including France, USA, Russia, Spain and UK, yet now there’s a way you can safely decrypt your files for free.

Remove CrySiS from your computer now

Follow these steps to remove this malware from your computer if infected:

1. First of all, please back up all of your encrypted files to prevent any lost during the process.
2. Download the decryption tool and extract it to your computer.
3. Run Decryptor.exe and then select the encrypted files to scan.
4. Then follow the instructions to clean up your computer.

This tool can save you from TeslaCrypt as well. And we will continue our effort to protect your files and your pocket.

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