What are the benefits of a VPN service?

Jul 15, 2016360TS
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Benefits of using a VPN

Even if you are already familiar with the term VPN (Virtual Private Network), maybe you still don’t use it. A VPN secures the internet connection of your computer and makes sure that all the information being transmitted is being encrypted, making it inaccessible to any snooping eyes.

That’s great, but what are the actual benefits for you if you use a VPN? Regardless you are a professional user, a frequent traveler or someone concern about online privacy, VPN provides huge benefits on our daily use of Internet.

5 benefits of using VPN


– Improve your online security: When connecting to a VPN from your computer, you log in to the VPN application, and this connects to a remote VPN server. The application and the server exchange trusted keys to verify their authenticity. Once this is done, all the information you send travels encrypted through the network, keeping it safe from any snooper.

– Protect your online anonymity: The IP address seen by the end point (the website or web service you want to access) will be the IP address of the VPN server, instead of your own, providing you complete anonymity and untraceability.

– Access blocked websites and skip Internet filters: A VPN service can help you bypass Internet filters and access blocked websites. All your communication from your computer until the remote VPN server travels encrypted and once out, it is untraceable.

– Access geo-restricted content: Whether you want to register to a promotion, or to access to a streaming service available for viewers of a specific country, you can use VPN to connect to a server in that specific country, and use its IP to access the content you want.

– Change your IP: Because of the previous reason, you can use VPN to hide your own IP and use the IP of the server in any of the available countries instead.

These are the benefits of a VPN service, and how it can help you in your everyday life. You can also read more about how a VPN works, and try 360 Total Security’s new VPN service.

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