Beware! Facebook Color Change Infecting Users around the World

Apr 16, 2015360TS
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Recently a trending virus spread around Facebook has become a big security issue. “Facebook Color Change” is a link that wants you to think that you can customize the display color which is infecting users around the world at a rapid rate. It is mainly spread by linking a comment on various posts. Clicking on the link will cause you to lose personal information, including username and passwords of your Facebook account. It is extremely tricky because the comment states that the “app” is from, but in actuality, it is only a picture linking you to a malicious site. Please be aware of this!


360 Total Security can prevent this virus; if you are not protected with our various products please check out: you are already infected, here are some steps to remove this virus. In Facebook, go into the Application Settings link and then go to programs. If you find the program Facebook Color Change or Spotify, you will need to remove them. In addition, you will also need to remove the Spotify application on your computer if you already had it installed.


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