Blizzard servers taken down by a DDoS attack

Sep 22, 2016360TS
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Blizzard, the game developer for the epic games Warcraft, Diablo or their most recent release, Overwatch, admitted this Monday on a tweet they were currently monitoring a DDOS attack which was affecting connections to their games.

Blizzard servers have been taken down by a DDoS attack

The attack was launched by a hacking crew, PoodleCorp, and lasted about an hour. PoodleCorp promised gamers if one of their tweets was retweeted 2,000 times, they would stop the attack. Most gamers helped retweet and about one hour after, PoodleCorp kept their promise and stopped the attack.

Blizzard’s servers came back online and functioning normally soon, allowing users to enjoy their popular games, such as Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch, the latest success from the company.

Blizzard has been through a terrible period over the past half year. This company has been targeted by LizzardSquad and encountered a server crash in April, following another two attacks from PoodleCorp in August, along with some other technical issues in early September, leading to a failure on servers to authenticate users’ credentials and stop them from joining online games.

If you play online to any of Blizzard’s games, you can check the status of their servers on their twitter account.

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