Disk Compression frees up more space on Windows devices

Nov 5, 2015360TS
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Disk Compression

Disk Compression is a new feature released in 360 Total Security version 8. With an efficient compression algorithm, this feature compresses system files and lightens Windows devices while keeping full capabilities when operating Windows OS.

This feature is now available in 360 Total Security’s Tool Box to help users to make the most of their hard drive by reducing the OS footprint on the disk.

Disk Compression_Scan

Before conducting the compression, Disk Compression first validates if the system processor can run fast enough to decompress files without human-perceivable impact on performance. Then, this feature scans how many files can be compressed and how much space will be saved.

Disk Compression_Compressing

After the scan, 360 Total Security starts compressing these files, most of which are executable files and thus will not slow down PC performance when being decompressed.

Disk Compression_Compression Completed

After compression, previously Used space will now be Free Space, ready to use. Users can now choose either to rescan or to decompress the files.

Disk Compression shrinks the disk footprint on your Windows 10 devices, making it lightweight. Along with another 360 Total Security’s highlight feature, Cleanup, users can enjoy larger disk space together with boosted PC performance.

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