“Grand Theft Auto” hackers rushed for $2 billion a year! Is the world ready in the era of big security?

Jun 8, 2019kate
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Recently, the author of the “Grand Theft Auto” virus announced in the forum that the cumulative total revenue of the GandCrab ransomware has reached 2 billion US dollars, with an average weekly profit of 2.5 million US dollars. The high profit of the blackmail industry is staggering.

What can $2 billion be used for? Let’s simply count the accounts.

According to UNHCR data, there are currently more than 7.3 million refugees on the African continent. If the $2 billion is used for refugee assistance, the average person in Africa can get $274 per person, which is enough to support their living expenses for several months. Save countless families; or $2 billion to build 40,000 primary schools around the world for the benefit of countless children… But now that the banknotes have already entered the pockets of hackers, all assumptions have become a bubble,however, this ransomcan be avoided in fact.

“Grand Theft Auto” virus black production profits of up to 2 billion US dollars

Huge amount of ransom can be avoided

The “Grand Theft Auto” virus has been popular all over the world since 2018. During the RaaS mode of the dark network, it distributes ransomware to virus communicators, and constantly updates the attack methods, using remote desktop blasting, U disk worms, website hang horses, spam and other ways to spread itsself. invading enterprises and personal computers, encrypting files and extorting ransoms, the accumulated black profits of the company are now as high as 2 billion US dollars. The main reason is that the users in the infected areas have weak network security awareness and lack of perfect network security protection system.

Since the first release of the Grand Theft Auto GandCrab ransomware, 360 security center have been competing with the “Grand Theft Auto” gang. The 360 security center has been implemented for GandCrab4.0/5.0/5.0.2/5.0.3/5.0.4/5.1 The version is perfectly decrypted and fully supports the powerful killing of the full range of the virus, ensuring that 360 Total Security users have no chance to be infected.

In the era of big security, cyber threats are constantly escalating

360 Security Center continues to output safety power

But the “Grand Theft Auto” virus is just the tip of the iceberg among the many cyber threats the world facing today. With the continuous development and extensive use of modern information technology, the current cyber threats have become pervasive. Through new technologies and new devices, diversified intelligent attacks have been realized, and the scale and industrialization have gradually evolved, The boundaries of cybersecurity are constantly expanding.

  • In March 2019, ASUS software update server was hacked, and more than 1 million users were affected. 360 security center first issued a high-risk vulnerability immune tool for the incident, preventing further spread of the attack.
  • On May 15, 2019, Windows was exposed to the high-risk remote vulnerability CVE-2019-0708. Once the attacker successfully exploited the vulnerability, he could execute arbitrary code on the target system, making a worm comparable to WannaCry, 360 security brain globally. The first RDP remote vulnerability non-destructive scanning tool, and the exclusive 360 hot patch immunization tool worldwide, protect the computer security of enterprises, institutions and individuals.

It can be seen that from the Internet of Everything to the Wisdom of All Things, the world today is moving towards the era of big security where everything is programmable. In the turning point of such a network security era, 360 security center undertakes security responsibility and mission, and continuously outputs security guarding power to provide a safe and clean network space for enterprises, governments and individuals. In the future, 360 security center will also be more proactive in participating in the ecological construction of national network security, so as to better provide network security services for national enterprises and individuals and individual users.

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