How to Set Up 360 Connect?

Dec 31, 2015360TS
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How to set up 360 Connect

To set up 360 Connect with 360 Total Security, there are three simple steps:

1)  Get the app and software

2)  Register the app

3)  Pair the phone and computer


1)  Get the app and software

If you are already a 360 Total Security user, you can simply upgrade the software and get the 360 Connect app.

360 Connect app: Provide Assistance

Android version – Download it from Google Play

iOS version – Download it from App Store

360 Total Security: Receive Assistance

Find 360 Connect in the Tool Box in v8.2 or later – Download

2)  Register the app

• Download 360 Connect app from Google Play

• Register with your phone number, and you will receive a verification code

• Enter the verification code and start pairing with computers

Register360 Connect app

3)  Pair the phone and computer

• On 360 Total Security, find 360 Connect in Tool Box

• Enter the phone number of the 360 Connect app (whom you receive help from)

• Accept authorization request on the app.  Successful pairing will be prompted on 360 Total Security

Pair 360 Connect

Now you are ready to provide assistance on 360 Connect app, and receive assistance on 360 Total Security!

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