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Aug 11, 2015360TS
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Our digital life embraces an increasing number of activities. We now shop online, or video chat with friends and family frequently. The more we rely on these activities, the more personal information and privacy details we share on them.

Using the webcam for video chatting allows us to stay in touch with our loved ones, shortening the distances between people by sharing daily life moments. It could be said it is an eye open to our private space. Webcam Protection prevents any unauthorized access to your webcam. If activated, any attempt to connect to your webcam will prompt a notification to alert you that someone is trying to access to it.

Online shopping is another common activity we do online. Shopping has never been as easy as it is now due to the mind-boggling selection of items available online, a friendly refund mechanism, and fast 24-hour shipping guarantee. This convenience has, however, a trade off, since we are required to provide personal and banking information in order to enjoy these services. 360 Total Security increases its protection level when you visit a shopping site. Online Shopping Protection detects if there are suspicious programs running in the background of your PC and suggests you to terminate them right away.  

We might also have received an email asking us to click on links to get sales discount or prizes, which turns out to be a fake mail, aiming to collect our personal information by redirecting us to a phishing site. Anti-phishing Protection will immediately pop up a notification to alert you about the risk, in the case you are being redirected to any suspicious site. 

Current download speeds make easy to transfer and download software and files. However, the Internet is so vast that it becomes difficult to know for certain the origin or real content of our downloaded files. These kind of files are, indeed, a common source of keyloggers, a kind of malware that record each of your keystrokes, rather than attacking your PC. Silently, they can record everything you type on your keyboard, from passwords to banking information. Keylogger Protection monitors and detects signs of background monitoring, warning you in case any threat is found.

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