New feature released: Data Hijacking Protection

Jul 1, 2015360TS
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Data Hijacking Protection

Computer has become a common place to store our most valuable digital files, from our last trip photographies to important job reports. Hackers know this fact, and they will try to steal or hijack these files to take benefit from you.

Ransomware programs, such as TorrentLocker and CTB-Locker, hijack highly valuable documents, including pictures, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, by encrypting these documents with a complex algorithm, rendering them permanently and irreversibly locked without the decryption key. The attacker demands a ransom if we want to get the key to unlock our files, with the threat of never recovering them unless we pay before a deadline.

360 Total Security now offers you protection against hijacking attacks. Once activated, Data Hijacking Protection will only allow known and trusted applications to access these documents.

Don’t let anyone lock away your valuable data. Protect your files today with 360 Total Security.

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