Privacy Anti-tracker Keeps You Away from Private Data Collection and Targeted Advertisement

Dec 7, 2020kate
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In the digital age, more and more behaviors need through the Internet, but the ensuing risk of privacy leakage is infringing the rights of users.

Your online identity information and browsing habits may expose your website history, family information, banking information, online shopping and other data, and these are your private information.

Most websites and organizations obtain this information for the purpose of statistics and improving experience, but there are still irregular behaviors. Trackers use this information to locate you and push annoying information and targeted advertisements to you. What’s more, trackers sell your personal information to third parties.

The powerful privacy protection function “Privacy Anti-tracker ” has been integrated into 360 Total Security. By disguising online identity information, the trackers can be targeted and you can have a safe online environment.

How to use privacy anti-tracking to protect your privacy?

1 Open the privacy anti-tracking tool in Tool Box.

2 Supports Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Firefox and Internet Explorer

You need to install the latest version of 360 Internet Protection Plugin in the web store of each browser.

3 Enable the browser switch you want to track

And then, your online behavior in the browser with anti-tracking protection is under our protection.

4 Traces and cookie data generated during Internet access can be detected and cleaned up by Privacy Cleaner;

5 You can add your trusted website domain name to the trust list, and no anti-tracking operation will be performed on each browser.

Anti-tracking protection adds your identity information during network visits to random information, disguising your information to achieve the effect of anti-tracking. This behavior will not affect your online behavior.

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