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Apr 20, 2015360TS
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Make sure your digital life is protected. No matter if you use your PC at school, office or at home. Find out how 360 Total Security can help to protect your everyday digital life.
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There’s no place like home. Is your home as safe as you think when it comes to computers? You might be an experienced user, and know what doesn’t look right while surfing the web, but are your parents too? Will they be able to tell the difference between legit bank email or a scam? Will they notice if some application adds a keyboard logger to capture their passwords?
Our parents are doing their best to catch up with the digital world. You can protect them by installing 360 Total Security. They can even protect themselves thanks to its simple interface. With click of a button, your computer will stay free of virus, trojans and key loggers. With browser add-on, your parents’ navigation and online shopping will now go smooth as silk with no risk of scam.


You get to the office. Turn on your computer. Grab some coffee. Chat with your colleagues about yesterday’s match. When you get back to your desk, there’s nothing more demotivating than finding that your computer is still booting up. This is because the startup of your computer is heavily loaded with programs you don’t need.
You rush to the meeting room. Start your presentation. Moments gone by only to find your computer still loading that presentation. All those cache files remained there for months after you opened them, wasting a big space and causing the computer to run slow.
Increase your work performance with 360 Total Security. Find out how fast your computer can run, and much trash you can remove. Save the space for what matters to your business and excel at work.


Library and school computers are the door to immense knowledge. At the same time, they can be the back door right to users’ private information. With dozens of people cluelessly using them everyday, these computers are often a focus of virus and trojan infections, and easy targets for those with bad intentions.
360 Total Security can help dealing with all these threats. Its 5 engines ensure the maximum protection against real world threats. USB Protection can detect virus in the portable drives, keeping computers free from USB infections. In addition, a powerful anti-keylogger protects the user from any attempt to capture its password.
The continuous use will also cause the computer to run slow over time. This is because tons of junk files accumulate in the system, and several processes queued to execute on startup. An easy Check Up with 360 Total Security will detect and get rid of all that trash, boosting your computers’ speed. Best of all, all these features are available for non-admin accounts, close all loose ends in your ecosystem.
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