Qihoo 360 Output Internet Security Technology to Overseas, Brazil Benefits

Apr 16, 2015360TS
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The largest Internet security company in Brazil launched the new generation of products with the core technology provided by Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. This partnership not only helps Brazil enhance its Internet security, but also promotes Chinese Internet companies to expand in Latin America.

Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping recently concluded visit to four Latin American countries, such as Brazil, attracting attention of the world between the cooperation of China and Latin America. The releasing of new network security products in Brazil is a successful practice in cooperation between the two countries.

Brazil Computer Security Technology Co., Ltd (PSafe) launched solutions to new security risks of online banking, including PC security, mobile security, browser, site navigation, etc. which is aiming to meet the increasing need for Brazil’s network security, following the development of Internet and mobile Internet.

PSafe CEO Marco de Mello said, cyber threats are a common worldwide problem, and China’s Qihoo 360, as the largest investors and technology providers, provides a lot of support to PSafe’s protection to users throughout Latin America.

Internet security issues are increasingly attractive to Brazilian consumers. This emerging market has more than 200 million people and 90 million Internet users. It is the world’s third largest PC market and the fourth largest mobile phone market. However, the rapid spread of Internet technology brings online banking security risks.

According to leading U.S Internet data analysis company ComScore statistics, in June 2014, a total of 31 million passengers logged into Brazilian online banking, an increase of 16%. Brazilian bank fraud cases almost doubled in the last two years, about 60% were because of cyber-attacks or phishing.

With Chinese Technology, PSafe’s Portuguese network security products have occupied 40% of the market share in Brazil, the Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other Latin American countries are advancing as well.

De Mello said, PSafe mobile security has taken over 26% of the Android user share. Because of the vast market of Latin America, PSafe hopes to occupy 50% market share in 2015 with the help from Chinese Technology.

China – Latin America cooperation will not only promote PSafe, but also help Chinese Internet companies to explore in Latin America.
Qihoo 360 sends engineer to base at Brazil and sets pro team in research centers in Beijing and Hong Kong to provide technical support to PSafe.

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