Security Notice: Massive ransomware attack “Bad Rabbit” on the rise

Oct 26, 2017360TS
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The third massive ransomware attack Bad Rabbit is on the rise, after Wannacry and Petya caused huge loss earlier this year. At the moment, Bad Rabbit ransomware has already infected several major Russian media outlets, Odessa International airport in Ukraine, and numerous computers in Europe. And it is breaking out in the United States at the moment.

Bad Rabbit ransomware message
Bad Rabbit disguises itself as a fake Adobe Flash installer. Once infected, all of your data would be locked, and the attacker demands around $280 (0.05 bitcoin) from each victim.

360 Total Security’s cloud center has intercepted the Bad Rabbit ransomware attack.

To get protected, we strongly suggest you to do the following steps:

1. Update 360 Total Security to the latest version
2. Do a Full Virus Scan
3. Back up your critical data

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We are here as always to keep you safe.

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