“Rogue Virus” GandCrab family finale has been ringing? Qihoo 360 launched v5.2 decryption tool!

Jul 9, 2019kate
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From v1.0 to v5.2, GandCrab ransomware (also known as “Rogue Virus”) has gone through a history of ups and downs, and its profitable funds have reached 2 billion US dollars, with an average weekly profit of 2.5 million US dollars. It has brought serious threats to countless individuals and corporate security.

Previously, 360 Total Security intercepted all aspects of the attack and fully supported the powerful killing of the entire series of GandCrab ransomware. Nowadays, 360 Total Security launch the decryption tool for GandCrab v5.2, which means that 360 Total Security have supported GandCrab ransomware 4.0/5.0/5.0.2/5.0.3/ 5.0.4/5.1/5.2 full range of decryption, users who have been infected can successfully decrypt the file without paying for the ransom!

In March of this year, 360 Security Center issued a security report saying that we have received many feedback on ransomware, and some government department mailboxes have also been attacked by ransomware in this round of virus threats. According to 360 Security center analysis, the ransomware version number is GandCrab v5.2, which is the latest upgraded ransomware version on February 19, 2019.

Encrypted file

Unlike GandCrab v5.1, which was previously blocked by 360 Total Security, GandCrab v5.2 ransomware will fully encrypt the user’s hard drive data and allow the victim to access the URL to download the Tor browser, and then log in to the attacker through the Tor browser. The digital currency pays the window, thereby extorting the victim from paying ransoms ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

GandCrab v5.2

In fact, more than 1.5 million victims worldwide have been attacked by the GandCrab ransomware since 2018. At the same time, there are  reports show that the team behind the GandCrab malware has been extorting more than $2 billion from the victim, with an average weekly benefit of $2.5 million, which has seriously threatened personal and company data and property security.

Following GandCrab 4.0/5.0/5.0.2/5.0.3/5.0.4/5.1, the ransomware updated to GandCrab v5.2 is still unable to escape the public execution of 360 Total Security. On the same day that the world-renowned security software Bitdefender released the GandCrab v5.2 decryption tool, 360 Total Security immediately followed up the decryption work, and release of the GandCrab v5.2 decryption tool for the majority of users, became the first one in China.

content GandCrab v5.2

It is worth mentioning that after the release of the GandCrab v5.2 decryption tool, 360 Total Security have launched a seven-version decryption tool to help countless users unlock files that have been encrypted by GandCrab ransomware, avoiding unnecessary property damage. From the data of the seven editions of the GandCrab ransomware update, the GandCrab ransomware is constantly changing and “returning”.

According to 360 Security Center monitoring data, GandCrab v5.2, which has been updated for less than four months, has spread rapidly in Brazil, the United States, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, and has become a global sensation “Ransom Nova”.

ransomware tools

For the users that has been infected, you can immediately download and install the latest version of the 360 Total Security for decryption; for ordinary users, want to prevent In the first place, 360 Total Security can be installed to intercept all versions of GandCrab ransomware. Under the support of the world’s first distributed intelligent security system 360 Security Center, 360 Total Security can protect personal data and property security.

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