Superfish-style Certificate Hack found in Dell computers

Nov 25, 2015360TS
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The adware with the name – Superfish was previously discovered on Lenovo computers. It stealthily monitors your internet activity, and injects ads into your browser. Your ads viewing and clicking will then help fund the Superfish company, but the problem does not end there.

Recently, Superfish-style certificate hack was found on Dell computers. While there is no indication that the certificate used on Dell computers is used to plant ads, the security concerns exposed are the same.

Superfish plays with your browser’s certificate, it opens a security hole in your system and enables hackers to spy on your private connections, for example: e-commerce.

The alledged certificate hack was reportedly installed on the Dell and Lenovo computers, but it can technically be anywhere. 360 Total Security prevents the installation of Superfish, removes its footprints and cleans the certificate which it leaves behind.

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