T-Mobile data breach: 2 million users’ personal information are leaked

Aug 28, 2018Elley
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Today, the telecom giant, T-Mobile confirmed that it recently suffered a security breach on its US server that could result in the disclosure of about 2 million T-mobile users.

The leaked personal information of T-Mobile users are customers’ name, billing zip code, contact number, email address, account number are highly possible. Despite this, it is fortunate that the financial information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or passwords is not disclosed in this incident.

Based on T-Mobile’s declaration, its security team already detected and addressed the “unauthorized capture of some information” on 20th August.

The company did not explain how the attackers hack into its server and how many T-Mobile users have been affected exactly, the spokesperson said that less than 3 percent of its 77 million users were affected.

The spokesperson of the company also stated that the attackers used an API which did not contain any financial data or other sensitive data to access its US servers.

T-Mobile claimed that the company already notified the law enforcement about the incident of security vulnerabilities and directly reached out to the affected users through SMS message, email and phone call.

T-Mobile users are also encouraged to contact the customer service of the company via dialing 611 for any information about the incident.

Recently, high-profile data breach incidents took place frequently such as the recent T-Mobile’s data breach that 2 million customers were affected seriously, Carphone Warehouse attack which affected its 10 million users, and Ticketmaster which influenced tens of thousands of its users.

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