The best 10 new features in Windows 10

Jun 23, 2015360TS
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The best 10 new features in Windows 10

With the rollout of Windows 10 on July 29th, 360 Total Security has prepared to receive the new version of Microsoft operating system. A Windows 10 ready version of 360 Total Security is already available for download.

Also, we have prepared a selection of the most interesting features to be included on Windows 10.

Interface and Design

Microsoft has equipped Windows 10 with a more intuitive design, compared with the previous Windows OS interface. The company has not only refreshed the appearance of settings menus but also redesigned and flattened icons to make everything more consistent and easy-to-use.

New Task View

Microsoft has discarded Windows 8 task switcher, traditionally placed on the left, and has replaced it with a new Task View.  A new button on the task bar will open the Task View on full screen, and will display all the open windows, allowing the user to switch among different virtual desktops and programs.

Task View


Notification Center 

Notification Center will display different application notifications on the top of the bar, and a set of commonly-used function buttons on the bottom, as Battery Saver or VPN activation. Both notifications and functions can be customized by the user. The new Notifications Center will appear on the right side of the screen when pressing the notifications icon on the taskbar.



Start Menu

Start Menu returns on Windows 10. Though it looks somewhat like the Start Menu in Windows 7 and Vista, it introduces an improved design and higher customization degree. Microsoft has made changes in coloring and formatting on the menu. Power button and other frequently-used items have been rearranged, freeing up more space for live tiles. These have become more customizable and users can now remove add and remove apps, or turn off the updates and animations.

Start Menu



Similar to its popular rivals – Siri and Google Now, Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana originated from Windows Mobile and is now available on desktop. In addition, Cortana plays an essential role in Windows 10 as the primary search tool, and it has a more natural and conversational tone compared its rivals. Cortana has learnt from Windows Phone users and applies her knowledge in Windows 10; she can immediately bring up what the user query, for example browser search results and local documents, as well as quickly respond to users’ questions and even crack a joke.

Microsoft Edge

Formerly known as Project Spartan, Edge will replace its predecessor – Internet Explorer, as the default web browser. Additionally, Cortana is fully integrated with Edge and provide context-aware suggestions. For instance, when you search a famous restaurant, Cortana not only provides the address but other relevant information such as the restaurant’s menu and its operating hours.

Edge also includes other interesting feature namely Web Notes, which allows the user to write or type directly on the webpage you are viewing, and further share comments through e-mail, social networks, or OneDrive.

Reading View Mode

Reading View helps Edge users to get focused on the content of the website they are viewing.  Sidebars, ads, comments, or other fancy web styling usually distract our attention from what we are reading on the sites. Reading View can create a distraction-free reading experience. By enabling Reading View, the page will turn into a PDF-style document with simple format of better readability.

Reading View Mode



Continuum provides a seamless experience between mobile and PC (or other devices, such as tablets or TV). Continuum will automatically switch from the PC-friendly monitor to a Mobile mode once detecting the keyboard has been disconnected from the PC.

Universal Apps for PC

Microsoft has been devoted to developing all-new universal apps for users. The company has introduced new versions of some of their popular apps, including Outlook and Calendar, that have comprehensive styling and formatting capabilities on different devices.


To gamers’ excitement, Microsoft is bringing part of Xbox experience to Windows 10.  The lately-revealed Xbox app allows game streaming from the console to Windows devices, enabling users to play Xbox games on PCs or tablets, as well as generating and sharing game clips with friends.

Xbox on Window 10

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