US government medical website was hacked that 75,000 personal data was stolen

Oct 24, 2018Elley
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Last week, the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) voluntarily notified the health care system of, which is responsible for health care reporting that nearly 75,000 people’s personal information was stolen.

This reporting system is called the Federally Facilitated Exchange (FFE). On 13th October, CMS discovered that its insurance company and the business account had entered the FFE system and had an abnormal system activity. It was confirmed to have suffered on 16th October. CMS has closed the accounts of insurance companies and business personnel related to abnormal activities and has also closed insurance companies and business login channels. Other parts of the system, including and customer service systems, were unaffected.

CMS will also strengthen the security measures while arranging the list of affected people. It is expected to reopen the ramp of external insurance personnel to log in to FFE this week. In addition, affected users will be notified individually and credit protection and personal theft monitoring services will be provided.

CMS believes that nearly 75,000 Americans have been attacked by hackers in this incident. The agency said that although it is only a small number of consumers, any system intrusion is not allowed. However, the CMS did not specify the details of the leaked capital.

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