What Five-Star Hotels Hide?

Apr 16, 2015360TS
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What Five Star Hotels Hide?

Wifi has become an important requirement when selecting a hotel, as air conditioning would be when traveling to any tropical country. The fact is, many of us discarded hotels that don‘t provide WiFi to satisfy our thirst for Internet.

But what we may have missed during the search for a reliable source to Internet?

A recent research has revealed a series of sophisticated attacks observed in five-star hotels networks; exploiting their WiFi, installing Trojans and gaining access to private information from the computers of the hotel guests.

The unidentified group of attackers is known as Darkhotel, and has been operating since 2007, targeting specially important executives, government officials, and NGOs representatives.

The attackers managed to place their Trojan into hotels WiFi network, and when the guests connected to the hotel network, a fake Adobe Update was prompted but a Trojan was downloaded instead. When installed, an extremely discrete key-logger was set up, granting attackers complete access to data in the guests’ computer.

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