What’s Up with Tuesday?

Apr 16, 2015360TS
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What's Up with Tuesday

On the second Tuesday of each month, Microsoft rolls out security patches in bulk. They are there to keep the cyber world a better place and to prevent attackers from penetrating your PC. This Tuesday was no exception and 14 security updates were released by Microsoft. Together with 18 updates by Adobe, all were to fix the commonly used operating systems and applications such as Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and Adobe Flash Player.

Okay, so what else is happening when these medicines are raining upon our vulnerable PCs? Security Bulletin actually serves more than a local pharmacy to our PCs, it unfortunately provides clues to hackers, about what applications are vulnerable, where the holes are, how they are patched, and may eventually enable hackers to reverse engineer exploits at the published vulnerabilities.

Keeping your PC Patch’ed Up is critical. Qihoo’s 360 Total Security offers an easy solution to keep your PC up-to-date. The Patch Up utility is designed for this purpose – it scans your PC’s vulnerabilities and assists the installations of the respective security updates – after a few clicks, one of your PC chores is now done with ease.

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