Will iPhone XS postpone its new release? Top iPhone supplier is hamstrung with WannaCry ransomware

Aug 7, 2018Elley
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According to Taiwan media reports, on the evening of 3rd August, the largest iPhone chip supplier, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.(TSMC), was infected by WannaCry ransomware, and the production line was completely shut down. It is rumored that TSMC was attacked by hackers, but TSMC officially confirmed the incident that some production equipment was infected by WannaCry ransomware. The company has controlled the scope of the virus infection, and 80% of the company’s “impacted tools” had been fixed on Sunday.

As the key supplier of Apple’s mobile phone core processor, TSMC got a lot of attention after the incident was exposed. The third quarter is the peak season for mobile phone production each year, thus, the incident may postpone Apple’s by shipments. Apple’s third-quarter revenue is also expected to drop by about 3%. It may even affect Apple’s new mobile phone release.

WannaCry ransomware has infected more than 200,000 machines in 150 countries, causing billions of dollars in damages and grinding global business to a halt. Fortunately, our do not have to worry. They can be totally immune to this kind of ransomware without patching as long as 360 Total Security is installed.

Is WannaCry back from the dead again?
TSMC’s president, Wei Zhejia has made it clear that the variant of WannaCry ransomware is the main cause of the disaster. After TSMC’s production equipment was attacked, all kinds of documents and data were encrypted.

In fact, the ransomware has been one of the most important threats to cybersecurity. In May 2017, “WannaCry” broke out in the world. n360 Security Center took the lead in responding. We successfully resisted WannaCry in 72 hours, helping more than 500 million users prevent the ransomware. Users who have not installed 360 Total Security before also recovered their losses in time through our “Ransomware Decryption Tool”.

Not long ago, 360 Threat Intelligence Center released the latest ransomware trend report. The data shows that the main target of ransomware attack is now slowly shifting from the individual to the enterprise server which has higher extortion.

“Security Brain” provides a new direction to the future security network
In the context of the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks, more serious ransomware attack is expected to occur in the future. What is more, it is anticipated that ransomware will cause devastating blows to businesses and even affect life and property security and social order in the following years.
With the great development of the Internet, network security can be said as a one-stop move. The current incident of TSMC is the most obvious example. Hence, how can we protect our users, and how can we compete with cybercrime is a big issue that all security
practitioners have been thinking about in recent years.

To fight against ransomware, in May 2018, 360 Security Center released “Security Brain”, using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT IntelliSense and Blockchain techniques to protect social and individual cybersecurity.

The “Security Brain” collects all security-related data, analyzes and calculates it with AI techniques, and senses network security operations and trends in real time. predicts potential attacks. It also predicts potential attacks, monitors and detects the ongoing attacks, and automatically responds to the attacks after they are discovered. The network security devices and software distributed in the network deal with the attacks and support the emergency command.

At the end of May, the “epic-level” EOS blockchain vulnerability was first discovered and quickly responded to the EOS supernode security solution. The “Security Brain” can be seen as a new direction for the development of the future security network.

How do individuals and enterprises prevent ransomware attack?
The incident of TSMC can be seen as an alert to not only enterprises but also individuals that security issue must not be ignored.

Some users may think it is not necessary to patch the computer and fix the vulnerability. Clean the computer and kill the virus are also not a thing that users should do regularly. However, the global infection of WannaCry, the incident of TSMC and other cyber attack issue have made everyone realized the importance of security protection.

We would like to remind our users that having a good online habit is a must to protect users’ personal information and property security. Also, install 360 Total Security is our recommendation since it can comprehensively detect and kill all kinds of ransomware variants.

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