Emergency warning: The GlobeImposter ransomware family is growing up wildly

Aug 26, 2018Elley
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360 Security Center would like to issue an emergency warning to alert users: Since August 21 2018, the GlobeImposter ransomware incident has occurred frequently. The main goal of this attack is to start the server of Remote Desktop Service. The attacker violently cracks the server password, initiates a scan, and manually spreads the ransomware, causing the files to be encrypted.

360 Total Security has begun to track the GlobeImposter family since 2017. By 2018, the GlobeImposter family has become one of the most devastating ransomware viruses. Our researchers pointed out that the GlobeImposter family is likely to become the next large-scale ransomware. Hence, in order to help our users prevent the virus, it is recommended that users should install 360 Total Security as soon as possible.

Currently, the GlobeImposter ransom virus family is seen as a popular ransomware in the globe. At the beginning of this year, the GlobeImposter ransom virus also invaded two hospitals in China, causing the hospital system to paralyze and patients unable to receive treatment.

In 2017, server intrusion has become an important means for spreading ransomware that about 15% of ransomware attacks target SME. Compared to personal computers, SME’s server data is more valuable and unrecoverable, so the possibility of paying ransom is relatively stronger.

To defend against the Globelmposter ransomware attack, we would like to recommend our users to install 360 Total Security which can fully protect against weak passwords. It also provide remote login protection, vulnerability intrusion prevention and document protection to the users.

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