New exploit kit targets Chinese computers without 360 antivirus

May 29, 2015360TS
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Malware Protection

A new exploit kit is now in the wild, targeting specific Chinese websites and users, as reported on Malwarebytes. Browsing any of the infected websites will trigger the attack to the target system. However, before executing the attack, this malware will look for the presence of 360 Total Security on the target computer. If the software is present, the exploit kit will not keep on with its payload; otherwise, this malware will continue its execution in any other computer not protected with 360 Total Security, thus putting those remaining vulnerable computers under risk.

Since the exploit kit’s main target is older computers, it is strongly recommended for users who have not yet upgraded to a new operating system, to download and update their antivirus program to the latest version.

Qihoo’s commitment has always been to secure computers against all kind of malware, and we will remain loyal to it, as our antivirus continues providing protection in China to 200 million Windows XP users.

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