Beware of Facebook Video

Apr 16, 2015360TS

Beware of Facebook Video

A new Facebook phishing website is in the wild, pretending to be a Facebook page hosting a friend’s private video. The phishing site exploited the nature of Facebook and employed social engineering, leading you to think that the video came from a friend, an infected friend, indeed.

The attack propagates in two ways:

  • 1. Infected victim makes a post with a title trailing after victim’s name. For example: “Best Friend’s Private Video”.
  • 2. Infected victim sends a Facebook message to viewers, containing the profile picture of the viewer which makes the message more relevant and personal.

Whether it is a post or private message, once entered, the phishing site prompts to install a plugin in order to play the video – yes, that is a virus. What could go wrong from the Best Friend? The unsuspecting viewer then becomes another infected victim, and propagates on.

360 Total Security blocks access to the phishing site, and prevents the installation of the malicious plugin.

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