Government Spyware on Global Rise

Apr 16, 2015360TS

Government Spyware on Global Rise

Recently, an increasing number of cyber-espionage news are populating the papers around the world. Also, with increasing frequency, governments are involved in such cases, either as the target or, to our dismay, as the perpetrator.

You may wonder…

How those attacks affect you as user?

Do they really target governments only?

A recent report revealed a top-notch spyware known as Regin, has been infecting computers internationally since 2008. The complexity of this spyware, and the time and resources required to create it are so high, that suggests a government is behind this spyware. According to BBC, it has been used to spy on government organizations, businesses and private individuals mainly in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ireland.

Regin is transmitted by visiting spoofed websites as a backdoor Trojan. 360 Total Security prevents access to spoofed websites and blocks execution of this dangerous malware.

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