The Internet can be dangerous! Let 360 Internet Security stand ahead of you

Jul 19, 2017360TS

As Internet becomes the main gate to explore the world, communicate with friends and family and do business, its openness and boundarylessness leave huge rooms for cybercriminals’ creativities. Various types of attacks have been invented and the number of malware being produced grows exponentially everyday.

In response to the increase of cyber attacks, 360 has been dedicated to creating the safer Internet for our users.

360 Internet Security

360 Internet Security

New Internet Security in version 9.2

The new Internet Security Checkup is equipped with WiFi router examination , which checks if the connected WiFi is safe. And it also examine your browser to make sure that it is not exposed to zero-day vulnerabilities.

Without a proper configuration, a WiFi router can be turned into a theft tool, and used to steal your identity and precious data. 360 Internet Security scans popular router models to avoid hacking due to weak password.

The browser has become a doorway for everyone to go online, or to connect to the world. These malicious actors often steal, rub, and destruct things through browser vulnerabilities. Therefore an insecure browser is just like a door without a lock for attackers to intrude your property, which means to hijack your computers or blackmail for money.

It’s tedious and impractical to focus on all the new patches, and to update every software for your computer. It’s almost impossible to not use browsers. But don’t worry. 360 Internet Security is your security guard to warn you about any risks and reminds you of new patches.

In addition to the product update, a constantly refined add-on, 360 Internet Protection, is built for your online shopping safety. (Learn more about Shopping online safely) Adding this tool to your browser, the security level will be even higher when you enter a shopping site or make a transaction. No one wants their banking information to get stolen.

No matter how many risks and traps on the Internet, 360 is always guarding you against cyberthreats.